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Packet8 Launches Virtual Trunking Service

I hate the word SIP Trunking. I don’t even like the term “virtual trunking.”

Regardless of my disdain for industry “marketing” terms, Packet8 announced today a new digital phone line over IP product. Due to a busy work schedule, I was unable to speak with their VP of Sales and Marketing Huw Rees (so I am unsure if this product is SIP based or not), however this move into the pure digital business phone line space is a natural progression and certainly bolsters (as well as compliments) Packet8’s current offerings as it will allow them to move “upstream” and target larger sized businesses. Implementation of the service is achieved through installation of an Integrated Access Device (IAD) on the customer’s premise by a professional Packet8 installation team that will allow for management of IP based connectivity.

Packet8 should be able to effectively target the 5 to 15 voice line customer (which is typically a 15 to 75 person company depending on calling needs), a space which I suspect has previously been troublesome for them, since their hosted model loses luster (due to per seat costs) after 5 – 10 users. The service will also open up their ability to partner with a variety of PBX and IP PBX manufacturers and their VAR to provide some powerful bundled offerings to small medium enterprises.

I have previously written about how a similar offering for Vonage (VonagePro) could be just the type of offering to reignite the companies subscriber growth and I believe that this new offering from Packet8 will prove to be a great source for new revenues and could really put a dent into the business of many of the smaller SIP Trunking providers given Packet8’s size and marketing prowess. This is definitely one service to watch.

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional

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  1. William Shoemake

    Its about time, iv been asking for this a couple of years now since many of the pbx systems have gone software based or PC based and moving away from expensive PRI cards. Hopefully their SIP trunking will work with Televantage. This will be a huge savings in hardware since PRI cards average around $2000 and up.

    good Job Packet8 in bringing this out I will be giving you a call.

  2. Garrett Smith


    I am fairly certain that this will work with Televantage as it uses as gateway that is IP based. Get in on the LAN and you should be able to connect it to your phone system.

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