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Phone.com launches virtual number service

Virtual number services are nothing new, but when one of your favorite VoIP providers launches their own offering you’ve gotta show them some love, right?

Today Phone.com launched their virtual number service to the general public. The virtual number service, with a bank account friendly cost of just $4.88 per month, allows any user to have one singular number act as a gateway for all life’s various phone numbers (like your cell, VoIP line, land line, etc).

Virtual number services, like this new one from Phone.com, are perfect for business professionals, sole proprietors and small businesses.

In addition to an affordable price tag, Phone.com’s virtual number service features:

  • Greetings (including after hours greeting)
  • Call handling rules (including call forwarding)
  • Standard calling features (like caller id)
  • Voice mail (with text transcription and voice mail to email)
  • Local number portability (and nationwide number availability)

For information about Phone.com’s virtual number service, check out the press release here or the full features list.

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional

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  1. Joseph

    Google Voice does the same — and its free!

    It will be available to the public in the next few weeks.

  2. Frank

    Have to agree with Joseph on this one. When Google first bought out GrandCentral.com, it looked like it was going to lay fallow, similar to some other businesses Google has purchased in the past. But with the reinvention of GrandCentral.com as Google Voice, must say this push by Phone.com does seem too little, too late. And considering Google Voice is free, they’ll have a tough road ahead of them.

    Here’s hoping at some point a proper comparison is made of the features each has, and why one might be better than the other. But looking at the links provided, I don’t really see where Phone.com plans to have a competitive advantage.

  3. John

    I think that Phone.com allows you to port your existing number to their service (Google does not) and they allow you to send faxes (Google does not) and they give you credits for every person you refer so that after 5 referrals you earn credits for extra services (Google does not). In addition, as the voicemail transcription is not by machine it actually is a transcription not a mangled interpretation, and there are no privacy concerns. These are a few quick things I could find when comparing the sites.

  4. Julia

    I also want to see a comparison, because Google Voice looks to be intrusive and more limited. Phone.com seems to have a good customer service reputation (per blogs I have seen) and unlike Google actually has customer service (http://blogs.zdnet.com/Google/?p=1073). It seems that Google wants to scale without understanding the customer like to be able to contact support. I want to see the comparisons but think that Phone.com might have something that is actually more customer friendly.

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  6. Garrett Smith

    I don’t have much to add to this discussion at the moment, other then to say that if you’re looking for a virtual number service backed by a full team of industry experts and pioneers, you won’t go wrong with Phone.com.

    While it’s not free like a Google Voice, the fact that there are multiple plans, customer service, support and LNP is worth the $60 a year you’ll pay.

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