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Sangoma Acquires FreePBX and RockBochs Fax over IP service

schmooze_sangomaWhile most around the globe were still working off their hangover, Sangoma announced they had acquired both Schmooze Com – keepers of FreePBX – and RockBochs, a provider of fax over IP service as well as a network / PBX appliances.

The combined acquisition positions Sangoma and its channel to begin offering their own PBX. Even more importantly, Sangoma can now begin offering recurring services that their channel partners can resell.

Here’s 3 keys from the deal.

1//    Open, commercial or other, it doesn’t matter. The ability to now offer FreePBX – or any other distro – enables a complete solution to be implemented virtually every time. Something that has not always been the case. This closed/open hybrid approach positions Sangoma and channel partners to offer whatever is needed to accomplish the deployment goals.

2//     It allows a channel partner to wrap their business around Sangoma. Previously, Sangoma was a piece of a part of a much larger customer solution. Now a traditional telecom reseller has the tools they need to be successful with Sangoma.

3//     The recurring service revenue opportunity.  The acquired RockBochs fax over IP service and the ability to sell SIP trunking (SIPStation.com) and hosted FreePBX enables Sangoma and their channel to build a recurring revenues practice into the future. This should also allow them to compete more aggressively in the small medium business area, where their card and gateway business could not fully penetrate.

P.S. Congratulations to Chad Behling at RockBochs. Having worked with Chad as a channel partner for years, this is well deserved.

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional