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Skype Lowers Security Threat to Blue

It turns out that what was first thought to be a worm using the Skype client ealier this week, is actually just a Trojan horse. It seems that security firm, Websense revisied their initial claim that the security threat was a Skype worm, reclassifying the security threat as a Trojan horse.

“After discussions with the very helpful Skype security team, the behavior of this Trojan using the Skype API (application programming interface) is as per the specifications of the API,” Websense stated in its revised advisory. “The end user who is running Skype does get notified that a program is attempting to access it and must acknowledge it…there is no vulnerability in Skype at this time that has been uncovered.”

I guess all of us Skyper’s can rest a little easier tonight…

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional