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Skype to Offer Mobile VoIP Through Partnership

Skype Team’s Up With Mobile Operator Three

While Skype is not bring a mobile VoIP service to the states, Skype users in the UK can look forward to a mobile VoIP offering from Skype thanks to a partnership with cellular carrier Three. According to reports, Skype and Three will release a mobile VoIP offering sometime near the end of November. The solution is not just a hardware one, though, as it the two will be releasing a special mobile phone to with Skype software that will allow for free mobile to mobile phone calls.

It was inevitable that at some point a partnership like this was going to happen. While this news certainly gives some validity to the consumer demand for this sort of service, one has to wonder if this is such a good thing for other mobile VoIP providers such as MobiVox. Given the immense install base and presence Skype has, they are the de facto choice for cellular companies who want to ofer this sort of service to their customers. Although I am still not convinced mobile VoIP has a bright future, this segment of the VoIP market is one that I am watching intently as it currently has the greatest promise in an otherwise uneventful industry.

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional