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Smith On VoIP Basics and Word/Phrase of the Day

garrett smithAs the reach of this blog has grown the volume of reader emails I receive has grown. I now receive emails from a wide variety of individuals. Some of the emails come from the brighest in the VoIP industry, while others come from those who are just starting out. Most recently (the past three weeks), I have seen an increase in emails asking me to provide more novice or beginner VoIP information. I guess all of the cool products and in-depth commentary/analysis really does not mean much, if you do not understand that basic’s of VoIP. With this, and my readership in mind, I have decided to add (2) new features to Smith On VoIP: VoIP Basics and VoIP Word/Phrase of the Day.

Smith On VoIP VoIP Basic’s is going to be an ongoing series that looks to disect VoIP from the beginning “What is VoIP?” to the end, “Implementing the Proper VoIP Solution.” Now, for some of you this will be nothing new or of interest, but it is not for you, it is for those who want to learn the Basics of VoIP. Besides, I am not going to stop posting commentary, analysis, and news…

The Smith On VoIP Word/Phrase of the Day will sometimes be a word, sometimes a phrase. There are a wide variety of acronyms, abbreviations, and jargon out their. The goal of the Smith On VoIP Word/Phrase of the Day is to improve your VoIP vocabulary so that you will be better able to effectively communicate the finer points of VoIP.

With that, look for the first installments of VoIP Basics and the Word/Phrase of the Day tomorrow!

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional