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Soundbite files for IPO

One of my acquaintances pointed me to Soundbites’s official filing for IPO. Soundbite is a very interesting company and I have been following them for sometime now. They have been innovating in a big way in the call center space and have come out with some very cool products.

Soundbite has an extensive suite of products when it comes to automated customer contact solutions and can enable automated voice messaging campaigns. Some of the features of SoundBite’s automated voice messages includes one-way messaging, alert-based messaging or even better; direct interaction to a contact center or an IVR for agentless transactions. Soundbite’s solutions enables notifications, reminders and alerts to help customers better manage their time and prepare for unexpected events.

Needless to say, Soundbite is SIP enabled ( you can’t survive otherwise these days :) ) which in turn helps in quick turn around time for developing multi-modal applications. They provide solutions for hosted contact center, hosted presence management, best-time to call, best debt to collect, best alert to send etc.

They have a very impressive clientele in almost every vertical boasting of names like Wall Street Journal, Nationwide Credit etc. From what I hear, they will be going IPO sometime this summer and this would be a good yard-stick for companies in the VoIP/Call Center space who are looking to go IPO later this year or early next year.