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SunRocket No Longer Accepting New Customers

Another Signal That There is Not Much Life Left at SunRocket

sunrocketOm Malik is reporting that SunRocket is no longer accepting new customers. It seems the trouble single play plain old VoIP service provider has run out of devices. Not too long ago, I was working with a hardware vendor on winning SunRocket’s CPE business. While the deal never went through, in hindsight, it probably best that it didn’t. It would have hurt to be left holding the unpaid bill for the devices.

If you can’t afford to replenish your stock of customer premise equipment so that you can take on new customers one has to wonder how much longer they will be able to afford anything…

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional

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  1. voipfan44

    yes thats a shame……most of those companies bite more than they can chew….
    hope the customers find alternative providers. I got burned too….ended up with Unia Telecom…


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