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The Dual Mode VoIP Phone Experiment

Real World Study on Real World Use of a Dual Mode Phone

I was recently able to get my hands on a Pirelli dual mode phone that I am going to use as a basis of a series of posts on the current viability and performance of a dual mode (GSM/VoIP) phone in a real world business setting. I believe I am an ideal test subject; I am on the bleeding edge of VoIP technology, as a sales and marketing professional I am on the phone all day long, and I have a variety of wifi networks from which I can connect to (work, home, coffee houses, etc.), so I will be able to really put this phone through it’s paces.

Here is What I Need

I need a VoIP service provider who would like to give me a free calling account from which I can conduct this study. If there is a service provider(s) who would like to give me a free calling account, contact me. I am positive you will get some good coverage if you participate.

I am currently playing with the GSM/WiFi functionality of the phone, but would like to start taking a deeper dive later this week, but I would like to do this with a new VoIP service provider, so I will wait until I find one. So stay tuned for more, this should be interesting!

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional

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  1. voipnovatos

    Smith contact me, i could get some accounts from voip providers in spain for you.

  2. mgoebel

    Thats an easy one!

    Take Voipcheap. Here you can see how to install it on a SIP device:


    It has all the countries you need for free.

    If you want to compare more providers and maybe find one from your country check Voxalot’s Global Provider Index:


    They have a savvy community which compares constantly the best offer.

    I personally use Voipcheap and other Betamax companies daily of Wifi, ATA and PBX.

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