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The Future of How VoIP Will Be Purchased

One place, one complete solution…that’s the future of VoIP.

I do not typically write too much about VoIP Supply (because I am biased), but our recent partnership with Bandwidth.com who will be powering our new voice and data services division has been getting some visibility from some of the thought leaders in the space (Andy, Dameon, among others) so I thought it would be fitting to reassert the point that these gentlemen have made about our recent announcement.

VoIP should be easy.

With our new services division, any customer, whether they are a business, a service provider or reseller can now get both their voice and data services from one place.

Due to our longevity in this space, our scale and our expertise, we are creating a new classification of service provider; one that can deliver every solution you need, regardless of what type of customer you are. Sure it is a daunting task, but we have been building (and continue to do so) towards this for years and over the next six months will be coming out with a number of announcements that will further allow us to deliver, “everything you need for VoIP.” Stay tuned!

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional