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The Top 30 VoIP Blogs

As the Voice Over IP industry has grown over the past few years, the industry has seen an explosion in the number of bloggers covering various aspects of the industry. Many of these blogs are written by individuals driving the innovation and cutting edge growth of this explosive industry. Over the past eight months, as I have jumped on the blogging bandwagon and began to incorporate blogs into marketing and communication strategies, I am often asked by others what I think of other VoIP blogs, what VoIP blogs I read, what blogs should they read, and how are VoIP blogs driving thought and innovation in the VoIP industry. As a result, I have compiled a list of what I consider to be the top 30 VoIP blogs covering the Voice Over IP industry and its various elements.

Some Notes:

  • I have tried to rank these blogs based on their importance in providing thought provoking innovative work on the Voice Over IP industry. There is plenty of room for debate.
  • I ranked the blog not only on importance, but on the amount of time spent on the Voice Over IP industry as many of the blogs touch on other industries as well. Again,there is plenty of room for debate.
  • Only English langauge blogs have been included.
  • I must surely missed a few. If you think you should have been added, please respond in the comments section below.
  • I do not read each of the blogs everyday, but I try to read each of them at least once a week.
  • I did not add this blog as it has not been around long enough, and well I still do not consider it to be on par with the majority of blogs below.

And now, the Top 30 VoIP Blogs…

The Top 10

These are the VoIP blogs that almost everyone in the idustry reads on a daily basis. I read each of these blogs daily. The content on these sites is outstanding and serves as the origin of some of the hottest industry chatter. If you are in the VoIP industry and you are not reading these blogs, you are not doing yourself or your company justice.

  1. Andy Abramson – VoIP Watch
  2. Om Malik – GigaOm
  3. Rich Tehrani’s Blog
  4. Jon Arnold’s Blog
  5. Greg Gatlitzine’s VoIP Authority Blog
  6. Skype Journal
  7. Russell Shaw’s IP Telephony Blog
  8. Tom Keating’s VoIP and Gadgets Blog
  9. Jeff Pulver – Pulver Blog
  10. Mark Evans Blog

The Prominent

These are the VoIP blogs that you might not read everyday, but you definitely should read them every week. Most of the blogs speak to a specific niche of the industry or, cover more then just the Voice Over IP industry. These blogs often contain high level and or are extremely technical so many of the VoIP blogs are not for the faint at heart.

  1. Asterisk VoIP News
  2. Alec Saunders .Log
  3. Martin Geddes -Telepocalypse
  4. Ted Wallingford’s Signal to Noise
  5. Erik Lagerway – SIP That
  6. Brough Turner
  7. Skype Blogs
  8. Aswath’s Weblog
  9. Phone Boy
  10. David Beckemeyer Mr. Blog

Always Worth a Read

These last ten VoIP blogs are typically focused on reporting about the happenings in and around the VoIP industry. Many of these blogs have a huge amount of valuable content and a extremely active community of individuals commenting on the topics and news presented. Though these are not daily or sometimes weekly reads, these should be in your feed reader.

  1. Ken Camp’s Realtime VoIP
  2. Solomon’s Ige VoIP Blog
  3. Gary Kim’s Blog
  4. Mark’s VoIP Security Blog
  5. Irwin Lazar’s Real-Time Blog
  6. VoIP Supply Blog
  7. VoIP Now
  8. VoIP Low Down
  9. VoIP Central
  10. VoIP Loop

Now it comes time to hear about who I missed – Let me know if I missed your VoIP blog or your favortie VoIP blog. I would be happy to add to this VoIP blog list!

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional

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  1. imlazar

    Thank you for including my site (http://www.irwinlazar.com) on your list. Here are a couple of other suggestions for you:

    George Ou – http://blogs.zdnet.com/Ou

    Peter Brockmann – http://www.brockmann.com/

    Skype Journal – http://www.skypejournal.com/blog/

    I’m sure I’m missing a few, but those are the ones I read that I didn’t see on your list.

  2. DanYork

    Great list… I already read most of them (and agree with your listing of them) but did find a few new ones on your list as well. Thanks for putting it together. I would also suggest two others focused on the more niche area of VoIP security:

    Voice of VOIPSA – http://www.voipsa.org/blog
    Mark Collier – http://www.voipsecurityblog.com/

    (Full disclosure – I participate in the VOIPSA blog.) I also have frequently found good Skype-related and Asian news out of:

    Webtown – Jan in Malaysia – http://webtown.typepad.com/webtown/

    I’d also suggest there are a number of good podcasts that also often provide good links that blog readers may enjoy (even if they don’t have time to listen to the podcast). Here are some of the ones I know of:

    Blue Box: The VoIP Security Podcast – http://www.blueboxpodcast.com/ (full disclosure – I am the producer/co-host of Blue Box)
    Pulvermedia Podcasting Network – http://podcasts.pulvermedia.com/
    Real-Time VoIP Podcasts – http://www.realtime-voip.com/
    Skype Podcast – http://www.skypepodcast.tv/ (not affiliated with Skype)
    Telecom Junkies – http://www.thevoicereport.com/telecomjunkies.html

    There are no doubt other VoIP podcasts out there, and I notice some vendors producing their own now as well.

    Again, thanks for putting a nice list together.


  3. filosnet

    Here is my blog. It’s widely read among VoIP professionals, and I think worth a read. Not only VoIP, but even Internet, Web 2.0 and Technology in general. Enjoy. I’m pleased to have known your blog as well, very well done.

    Thoughts on VoIP, Technology… and more



  4. andy_boyd

    Nice list there Garrett.

    I’ve been blogging on VoIP for a while over at VoIP Sol. It’s a decent blog, but admittedly it isn’t on the same level as those at the top of your list! :)


  5. giavac

    This list is very useful: I’ve added some of the blogs to my favorite list. I’ve noticed that most of them are “generic”, if you let me use this term, from the point of view of VoIP.
    Since May I’m trying to write a blog reguarding “presence” in the VoIP and Internet market: if you and your readers are interested, please give a look to my thoughts. I think presence and real-time alerts can dramatic enhance communications and in particular VoIP. Comments are obviously welcome!

  6. dsiegel

    Hi Garrett,

    You may not be familiar with our relatively new (6 mos.) blog site at Global Crossing. I would say that approximately 50% of the blogs are VoIP related, with coverage of topics such as FMC, IMS, Internet Technology, Regulatory Issues, Net Neutrality among other things.

    If you were aware of the site but didn’t include it I’d love to hear from you in email about what we can do to improve the site. We want to be on your next top 30 list! :-)

  7. fierce

    Great List. Another cool site to check out is FierceVoIP – http://www.fiercevoip.com/

  8. Zee

    Very well done list.

    3 of the top ten list are my favorites. Deserves to be right there at the top.

    Not sure if you include company blog in here but it’s worth to check out http://blog.onesuite.com – it’s a refreshing blog about voip and long distance.

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