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Thomas Howe Wins Another!

Thomas Howe is the man.

For those of you who do not know who Thomas Howe is and are wondering why I am so found of the guy, you need to first know that he and his company are pioneers in the voice mashup space. What is a voice mashup? A voice mashup is both a lightweight application that takes its functionality and data from more than one source and as a combination of multiple data sources, multiple services, that are not normally housed by the same provider initially.

I got the privilage of working with Thomas on a project a year ago and even enjoyed some chicken wings with the guy. Thomas doesn’t just know voice – he understand business and knows how to help businesses better leverage the power of voice through his work. That’s why it comes as no surprise (but always good to see) that Thomas and his company have won yet another voice mashup contest.

This time around, Thomas won Broadsoft’s Xtended Voice Mashup contest with his “Disaster Dispatcher” integrating Twitter, BroadWorks and RSS feeds to provide a one-window communications tool for emergency operators. For more information about Thomas’ winning mashup, check out this Broadsoft press release.

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional