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Top VoIP Posts of 2006

Which Smith On VoIP posts received the most traffic this year?

I spent some time today taking a look at my website analytics program as I was interested in finding what ten most popular posts on Smith On VoIP this year. Although Smith On VoIP has only been online since June, it has been able to gain considerable traction in the VoIP blogosphere and has been consistently though of as one of the best VoIP blogs. I thank all of you in the Smith On VoIP community for making this happen!

As Voted By Your Visits, Here Are the Top 10 Smith On VoIP Posts From 2006

  1. Philips Set to Release the VP6500, VP6000 Wi-Fi VoIP Phones
  2. Why Colleges and Universities Are Blocking VoIP
  3. The Future of Digium Revealed
  4. More Reasons for Cordless VoIP Phones
  5. Linksys SPA-962 Color SIP IP Phone
  6. Chris Lyman – An Open letter to Marcelo Rodriguez
  7. Was The Fall Von Show a Disappointment?
  8. Build Your Own VoIP Headset
  9. Alarm Over IP Giving VoIP Pure Plays Triple Pay Potential
  10. The Top 30 VoIP Blogs

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