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Twitter Gets Voice Enabled Courtesy of TwitterFone

This just came through on my Twitter feed.

Seems fellow blogger and Voice 2.0 entrepreneur Pat Phelan has partner with a number of other companies to release TwitterFone a speak to text service that allows Twitters to “speak their Tweets”. According to the press release issued today,

“Twitterfone improves upon Twitter by allowing us to make a voice call which is turned into text and sent out to our network of friends. This only costs the price of a local call, no matter how many it is sent to.”

Not only is this a great service for die hard Twitters around the world, I believe that this service will make Twitter a more usable service for the mainstream, since making a call is a more common way that folks communicate with one another. In addition, this is another awesome example of why platform providers should be offering API’s up to third party developers.

TwitterFone is a win for Twitter, those who use it as well as Pat and company. Man, voice enabling these social platforms is becoming serious business.

Update: Seems that TwitterFone has received over 500 sign-ups in the first 30 minutes of the launch.

Update 2: I got my invite from Pat, take a listen to my first TwitterFone tweet.

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional

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  1. Dr. Sally Witt

    This looks great. I send in my request for an invitation for twitterfone. Thanks for a great info post.

    Dr. Sally Witt

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