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Unmasking Caller ID With Asterisk

Cory Andrews over at the VoIP Insider has an interesting post about using Asterisk and a SIP trunking to unmask a private phone number.

It seems that at the recent “The Last HOPE (Hackers On Planet Earth)” conference, hacker Kevin Mitnick (best known for his work gaining access to other’s computer networks using social engineering), displayed a script for Asterisk that showed a person’s caller id even if it was a private number.

I am not sure how exactly Mitnick went about doing this, but is there no end to what you can do with Asterisk?

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional

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  1. Brian Kirk

    a client asked me this morning if asterisk supported SMS. i don’t know of such as feature through asterisk… does SMS through asterisk exist?

  2. Garrett Smith


    You can use Asterisk, however you will need to get a third party application to do so.

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