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Update: Helping the Recently Decommissioned

Well – that’s what I get for being nice.

It seems that rather than having a positive impact on the industry my declaration of “helping those who need help” has brought out the worse in everyone. As usual most of the population doesn’t get it.

I think for now I am going to put the plans on hold. After some of the crap I’ve recieved over the last day or two in regards to this I’ll pass on a “public” service and keep it private.

For those of you who offered to help – thank you. For those of you who contacted me looking for work – I’m still here to help (and will).

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional

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  1. Jim Powers

    Please do not get discouraged, Keep up the great work ! what greif did you get and from where?

  2. Frank

    Slowly getting back to my reading, so sorry for lag in posting.

    Seriously? You took crap over trying to help? For what it’s worth, I think it’s admirable what you’re trying to do. You know folks with a skillset who happen to have hit on hard times. You have a reach with companies who may be in need of such skilled labor. It’s win-win. What exactly was anyone going negative about? Are they afraid you’re building a spam list of some sort? I mean, come on. If they’re reading your blog, they should know better.

    Anyway, though where I work is not looking for anyone, nor am I currently in need of such help, I will keep my eyes peeled and should I notice any opportunities, I’ll pass them along to you, Garrett. It costs nothing to be nice, and what you’re doing online is what I’ve always done with family/friends. As I’ve always said, if I know they’re looking for something–be it a job, some gift idea, some hobby/etc.–I keep that tucked in the back of my head, and if something comes across my path, there’s a far better chance my brain will recognize it as something of value to someone else (e.g., if a friend is looking for a job doing C programming, etc.). How will I know it when I see it if I don’t know my friend is looking?

    Anyway, good luck with this. Even if you hook up just one person with a job, you’ll have done a good thing. Heck, just offering to try is noble in itself.

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