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VoIP Hacks – Ahh Yeah!

Smith On VoIP Top 30 Blogger Ted Wallingford has released a new book, entitled VoIP Hacks. VoIP Hacks shows you how to prioritize packets to improve quality. VoIP Hacks will show you how to sound like Darth Vader while you VoIP. VoIP Hacks will kindly introduce telemarketers to Mr. Privacy. VoIP Hacks will teach you to sniff out jittery calls with Ethereal. In VoIP Hacks you will learn how to secretly record VoIP calls. All this, and 95 other fantastic hacks, are outlined in VoIP Hacks.

If you are seriously interested in saving money, increasing productivity, or just impressing your friends? If so, then VoIP Hacks can show you how. This practical guide offers dozens of clever tips, tricks, and techniques for working with VoIP, the cool technology that makes phone service via the Internet possible. Hack your way to the phone service of the future-today! So not only can you learn some of the fun things you can do with Voice over IP but you also help support one of the smartest guys in the industry by going out and buying VoIP Hacks here.

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional