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VoIP QoS Monitoring With VoIP Spear

If you’ve been around VoIP long enough you know that one of the most consistent hurdles is guaranteeing a quality call experience at any time.

Everyone has heard of the VoIP horror stories related to quality of service (QoS) related to things such as packet loss, latency and jitter. While VoIP services have continued to improve and more folks have begun to follow best practices when deploying VoIP to avoid these issues, service quality is still a primary concern for anyone using VoIP.

One way that folks have taken to combating the issues of VoIP service quality has been to deploy on premise hardware that monitors next traffic and service quality. While this on premise hardware can accomplish the goal of ensuring VoIP service quality, they come with three disadvantages:

  1. High upfront purchase cost – On premise VoIP QoS monitoring hardware is not cheap, especially for smaller offices or your home office.
  2. Cost and time to manage and administer- Like any on premise hardware, VoIP QoS monitor hardware requires set-up, configuration and on-going maintenance/administration.
  3. Lack of scalability – Most VoIP QoS monitoring hardware is A) not intended for small offices or home offices and B) is offered as an appliance with a set number of concurrent calls, channel, etc that can be monitored. As your business grows this means you will need to replace – rather than upgrade/add-on  – to your monitoring hardware.

Enter in VoIP Spear. VoIP Spear is is an online VoIP QoS monitoring and testing service that monitors your VoIP quality.
With VoIP Spear there is no hardware to purchase, set-up and or maintain. VoIP Spear is a hosted service that monitors your end points and network 24x7x365. VoIP Spear leverages three servers around North America (East Coast, West Coast, and central) to monitor quality.

The idea behind this is that if you see low QoS scores on just one server, it’s possible that the problem might be with the server and not your endpoint or network.  However, if you see low scores from all 3 of VoIP Spears servers, then the problem very likely resides with your endpoint or network.

Since VoIP Spear monitors your traffic 24X7X365, you to get a good idea of how your VoIP quality changes over time.  For example, say you notice that your VoIP quality was poor every night at the same time. The reporting provided by voIP Spear would provide you with the right intelligence to figure out why (like you had some huge backups running on the network at this time every night).

With VoIP Spear you get a great reporting suite and you can output QoS results in easy-to-read charts so you can easily see the variations in your VoIP quality.

The best part about VoIP Spear is the flexibility in pricing and service. VoIP Spear plans start off as free for one endpoint/ IP address and scale up to 100 plus endpoints/ IP addresses for only $100 per month. Plus if you feel more comfortable with a premise based QoS monitoring solution, if you’re monitoring at least 20 enpoints/ IP addresses you can install and run the VoIP Spear software on your own server.

For more information on VoIP Spear or to sign-up for the free trial, click on this link.

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional