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VoIP Supply Adds VoIP Paging Line

One of the most in-demand, but least addressed VoIP hardware products are VoIP Paging solutions. With the increase demand for IP PBX solutions by the Small-Medium and Enterprise business, it is interesting that until very recently there were virtually no VoIP Paging solutions. The best most companies could hope is their FXS media gateway would interface with their analog over-head paging system.

But Cyberdata Corp, a leading OEM design and manufacturing firm and VoIP Supply have partnered to deliver VoIP Paging solutions to the North American marketplace. The partnership will focus on the sale of CyberData’s VoIP Ceiling Speaker, VoIP Paging Gateway, and their VoIP Loudspeaker Amplifiers through VoIP Supply’s Internet Retail and Reseller channels in North America.

“CyberData’s suite of VoIP Paging product’s answer the paging needs of businesses making the switch to VoIP,” said Benjamin P. Sayers, President and CEO of VoIP Supply. “VoIP Paging is an underserved sector of the VoIP equipment market and with the recent growth in the popularity of IP PBX systems in North America, VoIP Supply and CyberData are in an outstanding position to meet the growing demand for VoIP Paging solutions in the market place.”

At this fall’s Internet Telephony Expo, Cyberdata was in our booth (the VoIP Supply booth) and did an number of demo’s for perspective customers. I was impressed by the quality of the solution, and the ease at which the Cyberdata solutions can be integrated with your existing Voice and or Data networks. So if you are looking for a VoIP Paging solution to replace your existing analog paging system, look no further then Cyberdata’s VoIP Paging solutions.

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional