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VoIP Supply Launches IPCameraSupply.com

IPCameraSupply.com Has Everything You Need For IP Surveillance

Many have written me over the last month or so asking why my posting has been so sparse. Well, it is because I have been busy working on our newest initiative, IPCameraSupply.com. IPCameraSupply.com will focus on the resale of IP/CCTV surveillance and recording hardware including, IP Cameras, Digital Video Recorders, Network Video Recorders and CCTV systems. This is our first entrance into the IP/CCTV surveillance and recording marketplace and the third Internet Retailer we have launched over the past three years.

The most interesting thing about this move into the IP/CCTV security space is that it is very similar to what we have encountered in the telephony space. Like VoIP, IP surveillance is an evolution of legacy analog technology. Our Director of New Market Initiatives, Cory Andrews explains this well, “CCTV, as an analog, legacy ecosystem for surveillance, monitoring and recording, is on the same evolutionary path to IP that we are currently seeing in telephony. Users are migrating from proprietary, hardware based platforms to more open and flexible IP software based platforms. At the same time, the industry is enduring the same challenges in terms of protocol standardization and product interoperability. VoIP Supply is accustomed to operating within a marketplace that is in a constant state of flux. We intend to leverage our experience, operational efficiency and technical know-how with IPCameraSupply.com to help businesses with their surveillance, monitoring and recording needs.”

If you are in the market for an IP based surveillance system for your business, check us out.

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional