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VoIP Supply Named to CRN 100

My employer and leading VoIP solutions provider, VoIP Supply, has been named to the Everything Channel CRN 100 list of fastest growing IT solutions providers in the US.

While we have been racking up growth awards over the past few years, this announcement is especially rewarding as it highlights our ability to deliver multi-vendor IT solutions, cutting-edge technologies, close customer relationships, demonstrate strong sales philosophies and business-oriented IT consulting. Since our inception in 2004, many have been confused as to who VoIP Supply is and what it is that we actually do.

Over the last four years we have continually redefined our model and rather than latch on to a canned definition of who we are, we chose to continue to focus on one thing – delivering everything you need for VoIP, which has lead to our ability to deliver custom solutions to a variety of customer verticals. This quote from our CEO, Benjamin P. Sayers, sums it up pretty well:

“There has always been a perception that VoIP Supply is just another ‘box pusher’ due to our web based go-to-market strategy. VoIP Supply is continuing to grow at an aggressive rate by providing our customers with a wide variety of VoIP solutions, not just ‘boxes.’ Hopefully this award, along with our continued commitment to developing custom VoIP solutions to meet the ever changing needs of our customers, will eliminate this perception.”

If you have ever done business with us you know that we do much more than push boxes – hopefully this award and continued productization of our service offerings will allow others to see this side of us.

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional

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  1. Frank

    Congrats, VoIP Supply! It’s the first place I go when looking for anything VoIP related. Well deserved. And the fact you’re more than a one-trick pony and not just reselling a single brand is a major plus. It gives your customers the freedom to choose their solution while giving them a single place to look for it. Keep at it!

  2. Garrett Smith


    Thanks for the kind words and for keeping us in mind. Look for some great new things from us in the next few weeks!

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