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VoIP Supply, RNKVoIP Team to Deliver VoIP Solution

RNKVoIP and my employer, VoIP Supply, a leading provider of VoIP hardware, software, and services, have partnered to provide a complete IP PBX package that includes equipment, telephone service and configuration for small businesses positioned to benefit from the Linksys LVS Program. VoIP Supply will also distribute RNK’s ReVoS (www.revos.com) Internet Voice Service products and services to consumers worldwide.

“RNK’s offerings and customer-centric approach aligned perfectly with what our perspective Linksys LVS IP PBX users are looking for,” stated Garrett Smith, Director of Business Development at VoIP Supply. “As more small to medium businesses consider the switch to IP PBX systems like the Linksys LVS, RNK’s flexible and affordable offerings will allow these businesses to realize greater cost savings, increased productivity, and painless user management. This, along with VoIP Supply’s industry leading customer service and technical support, forms a small to medium business IP PBX solution few can match.”

The Linksys LVS 9000 system includes the Linksys SPA-9000 IP PBX, SPA-400 Analog Gateway, the Linksys SPA941/SPA-942 IP Phones, in addition to other ancillary solutions. RNK’s SIP Trunking service features:

  • $9.95 per-line monthly charge; minimum of 4 lines
  • 1.9 cents per minute outbound to US, Canada, and over 40 international destinations
  • Low out-of-plan international rates
  • Extensive nationwide VoIP coverage
  • Toll-free numbers at some of the lowest rates on the market
  • Virtual numbers that provide a presence in hundreds of cities around the world for as low as $3.95 per month per number

This small business IP PBX solution is not just a win for RNKVoIP and VoIP Supply, but for the small business. The Linksys LVS 9000 with RNKVoIP SIP Trunking is an ideal solution for the 5 to 15 seat business who wants a feature-rich, cost effective solution, with high quality service and support for both their VoIP service and VoIP hardware.

For more information on the VoIP Supply – RNKVoIP Linksys LVS 9000 small business IP PBX solution call 1.800.398.8647.

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional