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Vonage Wins Verizon Appeal

Federal Appeals Court Has Vacated the $58 million in Damages Awarded to Verizon

It is about time something “good” happened to Vonage. According to FierceVoIP,a federal appeals court has vacated the $58 million judgment against Vonage. Apparently the lower court was remiss in their explanation of one of the three patents, and therefore the court vacated the damage award, the ruling on said patent and instructed the lower court to revisit the first two patents.

According to the appeals court, “We vacate in its entirety the award of $58,000,000 in damages and the 5.5 percent royalty and remand to the district court for further proceedings. We affirm the injunction as to the ’574 and ’711 patents. We vacate the injunction insofar as it pertains to the ’880 patent.”

The 880 patent, refers to the use of a wireless gateway that allows access to the PSTN from a data network (ie every gateway that is on the market today).

While this news won’t right the ship for Vonage it doesn’t hurt and might be a glimmer of hope for their recent woes with Sprint.

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional

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  1. Kirt33

    Pity that this debacle is giving the entire VoIP segment a black eye because there are great companies out there that focused on the technology and not the “sizzle”. Hey, I liked the Vonage commercials as much as the next guy, I only wish they had spent more time and money making sure they had the rights to use the technology they did. I still like the idea of VoIP and finding alternatives is hard because I don’t want to be stranded like many Sunrocket customers were recently. It seems there are good alternatives like Net2Phone and Lingo, but it is really too bad that such a high profile provider will probably set this whole category back in people’s minds

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