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What is so special about the DLink DPH-540 WiFi VoIP Phone?

Not Much. DLink’s offical anouncement of their “new” WiFi phone has created some industry buzz which puzzles me as the DPH-540 is nothing more then an Axxcess G-1000 WiFi Phone in a different shell.

Looks like D-Link elected to purchase existing technology rather then build it internally. Industry gorilla’s Cisco and Linksys employ this strategy almost religiously and it is normally extremely successful. Unfortunately for DLink, the release of the Axxcess G-1000 over a year ago to the open market resulted in less then stellar customer reviews and sales were poor.

I am not overly convinced that changing the name and the color of the device will result in any better of an outcome this time around.

Good luck DLink!

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional

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  1. dave

    Where can I find these less than stellar customer reviews of the Axcess G-1000?

    I can’t seem to locate a single review, good or bad..

    Hopefully any issues have been fixed in the current firmware, since I’ve got a dph-541 on the way :)

  2. gsmith

    Dave, my statement of “less then stellar customer reviews” was a remark about abysmal sales for the product when it launched. The product was not available through mainstream resellers long enough in the USA for many to filter down to the mass market, but the ones that were sold to customers were met with porr reviews and my company discountiued the sale of the product.

    Hopefully, Axcess and D-Link got the act together for the DPH-540. I have not yet had a chance to play with one (as we are waiting for them to come in) so I can not yet speak to its quality, etc.

    I just thought the fact that many made a big deal about it’s release to be humorous, since it’s release and the G-1000 was less then stellar.

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