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What Should I Be Writing About?

VoIPSmith’s – in case you haven’t noticed I have had quite the bloggers block of late.

I’m in need of some direction.

What do you want me to write about? This blog is as much about you as is me, so tell me what you would like to read.

Take a minute and leave me some feedback. I’d appreciate it.

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional

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  1. luca

    You know what? I’m bored about websites telling us always the same story. G1 out? Everyone talking about that. Skype + Asterisk? All talking about that… ok, we can write comments on these news by offering our own standpoints, but let’s write this withouth time pressure, let’s focus more on the content and the thoughts around the content rather than the news itself. Just my 2 cents about what I’m trying to do now on my blog. Ciao

  2. Garrett Smith


    Sound advice. Focus more on purpose, rather than speed. I like.

  3. Michael Graves

    Anything that makes business life simpler and/or better. Advantages that VoIP offers over the PSTN. Wideband calling & conferencing. UC. Peering. Security. Personal experience over simple opinion. Real advantages over hype & fashion. Stick to real benefits over hype and you’ll help define the fashion.

  4. db

    more product reviews! and I enjoy your market analysis.

  5. Frank


    For the most part, you’ve been doing a good job covering the commercial side of VoIP: what’s out, what’s coming out soon, etc. I check in on your blog pretty much daily (which I’m greatful doesn’t have a zillion entries a day like some blogs) to see what you’re covering, but I also look at other sites that happen to be of interest to me. Examples include asterisk.org, freeswitch.org, anders.com, and a few others.

    And if things are a bit slow in the commercial VoIP space, that’s fine. Don’t feel the need to rehash what others have beaten to death as luca mentions. Sure, you can cover such things, but maybe summarize them. I think one of the nicer attributes of your blog is that it’s not overwhelming readers. It’s nice to stop by and check in a more relaxed manner.

    Like some people, I’m selective in my choices so I’m not overwhelmed with data (vs. useful information). For example, though I know it’s got a lot of useful content, I don’t check TMCnet.com daily (heck, even weekly), as it’s just too “noisy” a site for me. I chose your site exactly because it wasn’t barraging me.

    So my suggestion would be not to try and mimick so many other sites and doing what I call the “Walmart model” (loads of low-cost crap), but rather be that discerning blog that sifts the wheat from the chaff, that distills all the data into small chunks of useful info for those involved in VoIP, both commercial and otherwise.

    And in that respect, if the commercial side is going a tad slow, check in on the open-source projects once in awhile, just to give readers a sense for what may be coming down the pike in the future. For example, looking at Asterisk.org I see that they’ve got v2 of their Asterisk GUI ready. FreePBX just hit v2.5.0. And if you haven’t checked it out, go skim over Anders Brownworth’s blog at anders.com to check out Phonebooth, a web GUI for FreeSWITCH that Bandwidth.com will be offering. And just note I contacted Anders regarding Phonebooth because it really does look pretty slick (and I’m a geek that way), and he answered back pretty quick. It’s not my place to say anything so will leave that to him, but let’s just say I think we may be hearing some pretty exciting news in the near future.

    Of course, there are also the other products/projects out there like Fonality/Trixbox (they just announced they’ll be giving HUD v3 to the Trixbox community!), Elastix, CallWeaver, and more than I can think of right now. Yes, my bias is towards open-source (technically, open-standards AND open-source). It’s what drew me to VoIP in the first place.

    But there’s definitely exciting things out there to talk about. It may just be that you’ve been sitting in your comfort zone, letting commercial entities let you know with press announcements, etc., and so your sphere of influence is a bit stale. Just go out and take a look in the corners you haven’t seen recently. Even though I don’t have time to play with them all, I see very cool things going on all the time. If anything, I just wish I had MORE time to look into it all.

  6. mw

    There is a lot of buzz about managed services, but what does it mean? What part does Voip play in the technology wallet spend of the SMB.

  7. Kiran

    Lots of thoughts:

    What is missing (always) is good analysis on what and how things will be impacted due to, say a G1 launch or even where VoIP is headed towards in the latest economic scenario, or analysis of where we are with Voice 2.0 mashups in the enterprise.

    These could be 1 – 2 blogs per week, well thought out – there are enough news feeds/blogs out there – but not much well thought out analysis.

  8. Mike Dancy

    I’m partial to product reviews as well. And since you do get to play with some cool things such as handsets and gadgets, I end up here.

    Though I think ‘real world’ case studies from your readers and what they use may be interesting too.

    As well, so would interviews with those changing the marketplace. CEO’s, disruptive engineers etc. etc.

    We all get a little ‘Blog Block’ once in awhile !

  9. Garrett Smith


    Thanks for the feedback – it is greatly appreciated and very important to me. In addition to the comments above, I actually received over two dozen emails. Due to this, I actually have a forthcoming post to talk about the feedback – pretty cool stuff if you ask me.

  10. Jordi Nelissen

    Hi Garret,

    I enjoy reading your blog on a daily basis. What I always hope to find is analysis and vision. What is real and what is hype ? Where is the market going to ? Why is company X acquiring company Y ? What is the long term startegy of a company like Digium, … ? What is happening outside the US.

    Keep up the good work, Jordi

  11. Chris Gale

    I am a
    Asterisk voip phone system consultant in the UK hence I always find your blog interesting, whilst we have a dozen or so small companies using voip successfully – perhaps you can write a few articles about successes or failures of larger companies using asterisk – real life stuff is always good as there is very little written about this and my customers are always asking about large pier references – hence I am a bit bored saying Astrazeneca use it.

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