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Yoomba: Email to Email Phone Calls and Chat

Yoomba Offers Free Email to Email Communications

yoomba Imagine the ability to instantly connect with all of your contacts without having to get a new phone number, import contacts, export contacts or even download a complicated messenger software? That is what Yoomba offers. Yoomba gives individuals unique one-touch buttons which appear in their preferred email application, making connecting to anyone just one click away. With Yoomba you also have access to your most popular contacts, at a glance. The best thing is that it works on multiple platforms!

The Yoomba platform

Yoomba is built on the first proprietary peer-to-peer topology that sits on top of every email application. Their new proprietary communications experience and patented technology, allows users to talk, either through chat or voice, from any existing email address to any other email address. According to their site this is technology that has historically been utilized in a closed network, that they are now allowing everyone to utilize, for free.

Yoomba First Impressions

Yoomba was super easy to sign-up for, download, and install. Since it is Saturday, I have not yet had the opportunity make any test calls, but I will be using Yoomba next week and will be writing a full review at the end of the week. For now, if you are curious about Yoomba go to their website and sign-up!

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional